Have you ever considered opening up your own office in London?

According to data from the Office for National Statistics- there are roughly 8.63 million people living in London (as of 2016.) It is the heaviest populated city in England and the United Kingdom. It is also considered capital of England- and has been so – since the 12th century!

According to the Global Entrepreneurship Index- the UK ranks at number 8 out of 137 other countries based on capita. It also lauds hundreds of business that had launched in 2016- thus opening up new avenues of work for many people.


There are many entrepreneurs interested in venturing into the world of economy that is hidden inside the culturally rich city of London. So much so that it has become, a major ‘hub’ for local and foreign companies alike- all of who are interested in making it big through business. Just like you!

With so many people and so much passion for work- it’s no wonder why the price for office space change and vary so drastically! There is no shortage of work in London and many opportunities are within your grasp!

How much does office space cost in London?


  1. Average: is difficult to get a straight answer when it comes to an exact average. However, as a whole, the average cost of a single desk (per month) is said to fall in a range of £650 – £1400.
  2. Highest/Lowest: The difference between the lowest and the highest averaged areas are more than double that of each other! As an example: lower rated offices are marketed at around £250, whilst higher end desks are advertised at around £650. Both averages are based off of sales for single desks that require a monthly payment. It may seem scary at first- especially after having heard such numbers, but don’t fear! The rates can flexible as well!
  3. Location: If you are interested in an office that is located in one of the more higher-end areas, you shouldn’t give up based off of the average alone! Because even if the average price for a certain area  is higher than you’d like- it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to find an office in that same area for a decent price. Make sure to look around before making any decisions.
  4. Towns: There are lots of disparities in price points between all these different areas. However most of the areas fall under a pretty similar average. For example: Bristol, Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham- all have averages that range from £200 – £450, which is not so bad in comparison to other areas in London.


Office-hunting is an adventure that requires an open mind. When it comes down to it, it is better to spend your time carefully and invest on something that you know you will appreciate in the long-term. So be careful! Know what you like and what you will settle for- this way you won’t end up regretting anything later on!

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