Are you a traveller that wants to get the Big Ben ticked out of your lists of things you want to see in your life? Or perhaps you enjoy the cultural richness of London and want to experience it for yourself? Maybe you are a businessman who discovered a huge business venture that is bound to make you tons of money in Central London?


It doesn’t matter which of these you are- the main question is; have you ever found need to stay in a hotel at Central London?

London is a top tourist destination, and it attracts approximately 15 million visitors each year! The Office for National Statistics even celebrates a record breaking 19.1 million people in recent years alone!


Really, it’s no wonder that those numbers are the way they are- there are so many notable attractions and tourism spots in London. There’s a little something for everyone; original structures, museums, galleries, amusement parks, etc.


Now the question here is, have you ever considered wanting to stay in London? Long-term stay or otherwise, you’re probably going to need a place of rest!


Things to think about whilst looking for a Hotel in Central London


  1. High-end Hotels: If you’re looking for something a fancy. There are many hotels that can offer you class and elegance that you are looking for. One such hotel is called the The Savoy. The Savoy is very accessible; in fact it’s about an 8 minute walk from the nearest station. It’s the kind of place you don’t just stay at to relax, you stay there to be pampered- it has all the best amenities and is located in an area that is very convenient for exploration. It is a five-star rated hotel with costs starting upwards to £434 per night.


  1. Middle-end Hotels: These hotels are a dime a dozen. You can find them everywhere- if you look for them. Most of them are very highly-rated and offer the basic amenities. An example of a mid-ranged hotel is, the Conrad London St. James, this is rated at 4.5 stars and is priced at around £232 per night! This hotel’s location is also amidst the London city life, so it won’t be too difficult to find something to do.


  1. Cheap Hotels in London: Don’t worry if your budget is a little low, there are still many hotels that you can choose from. Starting all the way down from £50. One such example is named the Good Hotel London, it’s rated at four stars and priced at £58.00! Just a little higher than that is the Kings Cross hotel starting with prices around £67.06, once again rated 4 stars.

It’s fairly easy to find hotels to stay at with reasonable prices. You don’t have to be in London to do it either. Booking hotel rooms had been made a lot easier because of the world’s recent advancement in technology- so don’t be afraid to dive into it! I’m sure you’ll be able to find something in no time at all.

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