Porn categories, there’s scarcely a person that hasn’t at some point in their lives succumbed to the urge to get themselves lost into the endless expanse of porn video categories. Everyone’s bound to have at some point thought about what the most popular porn categories are. We’re going to go through them today, and explore the top, most popular porn categories on the internet

Anal Sex

This one is a bit obvious to anyone that has been paying any attention to porn in the last decade. There’s just something curious about shoving your dick down an asshole that makes people go mad.  Due to this it’s no surprise anal sex is one of the top searches in porn today. It’s also a favorite of ass lovers around the world, and there’s just something about the way a girl screams when you put it into the hole it’s not supposed to go into.

Big Tits

If there’s an obvious entry to this list, it is this. People love a good pair of knockers, it’s no secret, even with the advent of more petite pornstars like Sasha Grey or Riley Reid, big tits remain to be something most porn watchers look for in a video. There’s also been an upsurge here with the trend of titty fucks, which contribute significantly to the popularity of this category. While there’s many theories as to WHY men love big breasts, who actually cares, all it matters is that we do.

Big Cock

This one may come as a bit of a surprise to some, however massive dongs are one of the most popular porn searches on the internet today. Big cock categories take up a significant amount of traffic when it comes to porn categories. While one would assume all male pornstars have a big member, and while this is largely true, the big cock category largely refers to those that have a truly massive Johnny. It’s quite a surprise but the main searchers of this category aren’t women, but rather men.

Big Ass

Another one that rings true with a lot of people is big ass, while this does most often overlap with searches for anal, they aren’t necessarily the same thing, nor present in the same videos. Men have loved big asses since the dawn of time, and we don’t seem to be headed towards a stop. This category remains one of the most popular, reigning at around number 7 according to present statistics.


While the world of porn is dominated with straight porn, girl on girl porn is the most popular category. This is mostly due to the fact that men don’t much appreciate the male performer in porno films, so instead of that,  if they could have two girls, why not? Again, this is a category that possibly it would make most sense to appeal to lesbian females, however most of the watchers remain to be men.